For(bes) The Culture

For(Bes) The Culture


For(bes) The Culture was formed to gather the world’s current and future elite leaders of color to identify, discuss, and solve issues related to their respective communities, collectively impacting change globally.

Spearheaded by Rashaad Lambert, 32, and Vinasia Miles, 25, For(bes) The Culture launched at the 2017 Under 30 Summit in Boston as a way for current and future minority leaders to connect, collaborate and change their communities. The organization has since grown through word of mouth to a network of more than 3,000 members worldwide.

For(bes) The Culture – A hub for e(lit)e leaders of color who are breaking down barriers & impacting culture globally to Connect, Collaborate & Change.

For(bes) The Culture was created out of necessity to be a catalyst for change by serving as a training ground for our members to improve the community. 

For(bes) The Culture provides a platform that fosters professional development, social consciousness, civic engagement and entrepreneurship through community service projects, social and cultural outings, personal & professional workshops and seminars, mentoring/tutoring, and networking.

The Mission

Increase access points to power for people of color by improving existing opportunities and creating equitable pathways.

The Vision

Bringing Immeasurable Gain, For All Cultures To Share

Well Connected

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